Google My Business: apartment communities can’t have hours, why?

Google my Business - apartment communities have office hours too!

It might be 2022, but it’s still a case of a different year, but the same s**t when it comes to Google My Business logic. Google my Business’ ‘Guidelines for representing your business‘, states “Indoor lodging such as Hotels, motels, and apartment buildings/complexes” should not set business hours.

The problem for me is that I manage 49 business profiles for apartment communities across 3 states, and only five of those profiles have a problem with setting hours, which means that this policy is not applied equally across all apartment communities. Every time I add hours to one of these five communities, it gets immediately rejected, including a never before verified listing for a property in Kansas City.

All of our communities have a publicly accessible office, that is open and staffed during the stated hours. Why is this different from a shop, or other business? it makes no sense, it’s not like it’s a private residence, it’s a dedicated office space. I feel that Google is failing to provide accurate information to people using its maps and search features, office hours are an essential piece of information.

There is nothing more to add, I’m just frustrated by the short-sightedness of Google, as before the guidelines list “Indoor lodging such as Hotels, motels, and apartment buildings/complexes”, it says;

“Certain types of businesses shouldn’t provide hours, including those with varied hours, and those that operate only by appointment.” – I have paraphrased this statement for brevity.

These stipulations do not apply to our communities, we don’t have varied hours, and don’t operate by appointment, anyone can call or drop by the office during the stated hours, so why can’t I set hours so customers know when we are open? should they call to ask if we’re open? then what’s the point of GMB?

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