Stuck in the snow for six hours, what fun!

Stuck in the Snow

It has been extremely cold and snowing in Kansas the past few days, and the kids have had two snow days so far with a third tomorrow to round out what will be a 2 day school week, so the kids are pleased!

Not so pleasing, last night, Wednesday night into Thursday morning, it all started with my mother-in-law’s alarm going off suggesting someone had attempted to break into her basement bedroom window, so at 3am, Erin attempted to drive over to her mother’s house but got stuck in the snow, as she opted to drive through the park, and found herself snowbound, 1/8th of a mile from our home, so I drove over to my mother-in-law’s house instead to check on her, she was fine, the police stopped by her house and could not find any evidence of a break-in, it’s probably snow in the window well that caused the alarm to go off.

Erin called me, telling me she was stuck in the snow, I told her to call AAA, as my car would not be able to pull her SUV out. The AAA representative told Erin it would be about an hour, so I came home after checking on my mother-in-law, thinking Erin would be home shortly. I laid down, as I was dead tired, finally dropping off to sleep about 5:30am, only to be woken up by my 7am alarm. As I had my phone in my hand, it rings, it’s my wife, she is still stuck in the snow, four hours after her first of many calls to AAA.

At this time, I risk getting myself stuck, and head out to pick wifey up, and guess what, I got stuck in the snow too, with no chance of getting out. If my wife’s 4-wheel-drive SUV couldn’t get out, my front-wheel-drive car had no chance. Luckily soon after I found myself snowbound, a call came from Jason, a AAA driver, saying he was 15 minutes away, after multiple contractors, who AAA use out of hours, refused the call, leaving Erin stuck in 8°F temperatures, luckily she had just filled her gas tank, so could keep warm.

Finally, we got dragged out of the snow at 9am, to drive around the corner to our home, big thanks to Jason, the AAA driver for being patient pulling out two cars, when the original call was for just Erin’s car.

I think AAA needs to reevaluate their practice of having contractors cover out-of-hours recoveries, and definitely need to stop using the seven, yes, 7 contractors who refused the call before an actual AAA driver was dispatched at 7am. And what is worse, AAA never contacted Erin, when each contractor refused the call, to explain the delay, Erin had to follow up with them to dispatch another useless contractor.

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