SCAM! Neo Insurance Solutions – Medical Insurance Scam!

Scam: Neo Insurance Solutions

Sadly I find myself writing another one of these scam warning posts due to my wife being taken in by Neo Insurance Solutions, who lied to her on the phone, selling her a dental insurance plan that never was.

Some of the details are a little hazy, like the first point of contact, I know that my wife visited one of these insurance finder websites through a Google PPC advert, I don’t know which one, of course, she immediately got bombarded with calls. I refuse to put my information into any ‘marketplace’ website, for this very reason, her phone number and zip code have probably been sold ten times over by now.

I gave them the benefit of the doubt, allowing Neo Insurance Solutions to take the first payment of $69.99, not knowing who they were, as Erin needed to have some dental work done. The representative told Erin that the insurance would be valid immediately as we paid on March 30, 2022. Guess what? a week passed, and no cards arrived, so Erin called them up, to inquire about the cards, and at this time, she found out, despite taking $69.99 for the first month, that it would not be valid until May 1, 2022.

Erin complained that she was lied to, that the original representative told her that it would be available for use immediately, and the second representative claimed to have changed the effective date to 4/8/2022, and gave her a policy number, over the telephone. At this point, we thought that maybe this was just a clerical error, so my wife went ahead and made an appointment with her dentist, only to find out on the day of the visit that the insurance was not valid, and not only that, it was also out of network.

Fast forward to May 7, 2022, and another charge is made to my credit card for $69.99, still no insurance cards in the mail. This is the point where I lost my patience, $139.98 had been taken with zero coverage in effect, so I called up the credit card company, canceled the card, and disputed the 2 charges of $69.99 as we had not received the services we paid for, meaning Erin was still waiting to get her dental work done.

This is the point, where I did something I should have done before handing over any payment information, researching the company, and there are a whole bunch of reviews of this company with a similar experience to us. At least I used a credit card to make the payment, as I knew I had more protection than I would if we used a debit card, so I guess we should be thankful for small mercies.

Neo Insurance Solutions is rated F by the Better Business Bureau, with an average rating of 1.44 out of 5. The only reason for the added 0.44 is because one person rated them 5 out of 5, which I suspect is someone either employed by or related to the company. When you visit their about page, it has Lorem Ipsum text, see screenshot below, on a website launched in 2020, according to the copyright message. No legitimate company would have Loren Ipsum placeholder text on a live website, 2+ years after launch.

Neo Insurance Solutions website about page screenshot

I write this hoping that people searching for this company online will find this blog and not get taken in by Neo Insurance Solutions, details of this company are listed below.

Neo Insurance Solutions, LLC
141 NE 3rd Ave STE 601
Miami, FL 33132-2233
(855) 563-6669

2 thoughts on “SCAM! Neo Insurance Solutions – Medical Insurance Scam!

  • guadalupe quiroga
    November 1, 2022 at 21:51

    a mi me paso igual quitaron dinero de mi tarjeta 3 veces hace mes y medio y aun no recibo nada, ya cancele mi tarjeta pero agarraron mi informacion

    English translation: The same thing happened to me they took money from my card 3 times a month and a half ago and I still haven’t received anything, I already canceled my card but they took my information

  • Sandoval Beto
    July 21, 2023 at 18:39

    It’s all true. I’ve paid these neo insurance almost a 1k. Over three months. And their insurance is not accepted anywhere. Even though is a PPO.

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