A Mixed Bag Life Update X.5: Addendum

Life Update

As this is not really a full life update, I have decided to add this update as an addendum to the X update.

The first thing of note is that the refinancing of our credit has been completed, a total loan of $24,500 was taken out with Marcus, a Goldman Sachs company, at a little less than desirable interest rate of 17.49%, which means that we will end up paying over $15,000 in interest charges over the five year term, which hurts, but saving over $500, more than 50% less per month in debt payments makes it tolerable.

Now, we wait on the trailing interest charges, which I estimate will be around $120 – $130 in total, which the loan does also cover, I accounted for this when I applied for this new loan, this is not my first rodeo. And because it’s a new loan, I have about six weeks before I have to pay, so it’s a payment holiday for us!

USCIS, or USELESS as I like to call them are living up to their moniker, I applied to renew my green card on October 22, 2022, And, within a couple of weeks, I received two letters from USCIS, one telling me that my application was received and that I don’t need new biometrics taken, and that they will be pocketing the biometrics fee I paid. And, the second saying, with this letter, I have a 12-month extension from the expiration date of my current green card. That second letter expires in less than two months from now.

This is causing me major anxiety as it’s having a major knock-on effect, when I received my new driver’s license card, it states “Limited Term” on it. I check the expiration date, and it’s the same 1/12/2023 expiration as my green card, so my six-year license is valid for 83 days, which, of course, was not explained while renewing my license. If USCIS does not get its shit together, my legal status will be in jeopardy, my ability to work could be revoked, and be at risk of being deported, worst case scenario.

I don’t understand why it’s taking so long, it’s been showing the same “As of October 22, 2021, we are actively reviewing your Form I-90… Our records show nothing is outstanding at this time. We will let you know if we need anything from you” message since I applied. I have not committed any crimes, I work, and I pay my taxes, despite getting nothing back, yet, it’s been almost 13 months and crickets from USCIS.

And in the past week, I have been sick as a dog, looks like I have picked up the flu from somewhere, I started feeling rough on Saturday morning, and it went downhill from there, by Monday morning I was laid up in bed, slurping NyQuil and DayQuil severe. I did manage to get out of bed Tuesday afternoon, to do a little work, although I only managed a couple of hours before returning to my bed. Wednesday was better, managing about six hours of work, and today, Thursday, other than semi-regular coughing fits and feeling stopped up, I feel relatively normal, and well enough to write this very blog.

I blame my friend James, AKA CopperIce, I was fine before we chatted on Skype on Friday evening, and boom, by Saturday morning, I was feeling rougher than two pieces of sandpaper on honeymoon.

Update [Nov, 14 2022, 11:24]: I checked the mail this morning and found another “Driver License/ID Card Renewal Notice”, three weeks after I renewed. And I cannot renew again, because I am still waiting on USCIS to pull their collective fingers out of their arses and renew my green card.

One thought on “A Mixed Bag Life Update X.5: Addendum

  • James Millard
    November 11, 2022 at 07:46

    It’s not my fault. My computer had a virus from all the bugs it has been used to find on my employers websites which must have infected Skype and then Skype infected your computer. My guess is your computer sneezed on you over the weekend.

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