My wife says I’m never positive about anything…

COVID-19 - My wife says I’m never positive about anything, but she was wrong...

But I have proof that she is wrong, I tested positive for COVID-19 last Saturday, as did she, and our son Conner, seemingly after a family outing to see Gran Turismo at the East Wichita Regal Warren Theater.

I was the first of us to start seeing symptoms on Monday morning, feeling somewhat rough with a sore throat. At this time, I was not even thinking of COVID-19, I thought it was another bad allergy attack, which can make me feel this way, but after a day, I am better, so I battled through and worked despite feeling rough. But, by Tuesday morning, I found myself stricken in bed, not able to sit at my desk to work.

Anyone who knows me will realize this is serious, I’d almost have to be at Death’s door to not be working, I’m somewhat of a workaholic, probably to the detriment of my own health, if I am honest with myself. Despite feeling like absolute crap, I dragged myself out of bed mid-afternoon and did about 90 minutes of work, but that was all I could manage before laying down on the sofa for the evening.

This is when my son came out of his room, a rare occurrence, and informed me that he was sick also, Erin at this time was feeling a little off, but still functioning, and working, We’re still not thinking COVID-19, thinking we’ll just get over it in a day or two, this is despite me being completely laid up, not able to work at all on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday, nor through the Labor Day holiday weekend.

When my wife, Erin arrived home from work, on Friday, she was also feeling the same as Conner and I. This is when it dawned on us that this could be COVID-19, we acquired some rapid antigen tests from my mother-in-law on Saturday, and we’re all testing positive. mine and Erin’s tests immediately showed up as positive, not waiting 15 minutes for us, but Conner’s test took 15 minutes to show as a positive.

By Saturday I had not eaten anything substantial in six days, and the hunger pains were intense, so I forced myself to suck down some tomato soup and a few pieces of bread, which staved off the hunger, but I struggled to keep it down, thankfully, I beat the struggle to get some nourishment in me.

Our daughter, Alya avoided getting infected with COVID-19 and was feeling fine, so we have been trying to keep her at arm’s length to keep her that way. We’re just one person away from a black X on our door.

Erin and I were put on Paxlovid pills as we are considered high risk with compromised immune systems, but after just one day, neither of us could continue with the course, these are hardcore drugs, making us feel worse than the COVID symptoms. We chose to treat the symptoms with a combination of Theraflu and Mucinex, which was working. By Tuesday, my next scheduled work day, Monday was Labor Day, I felt well enough to work at least 75% of my regular hours, and by Wednesday, I was working a full day.

Erin was now feeling the full effect of the virus, being laid up in bed, and missed work on Wednesday, but by Thursday, she was feeling much better, and went back to work today, Friday, despite still testing positive, simply wearing a mask to protect others the best she can. We’re both still feeling rough, as we are still positive for COVID-19, but are both feeling better, Conner is still testing positive also, but better.

Update: Monday, 9/11/2023;

Conner has now tested negative and has returned to work, and Erin and I have to wait until we have some cash to buy another couple of tests, but we are both working, despite feeling the aftereffects of COVID-19, I believe we are in the clear, and I work from home, so I have been working for a whole week now without an issue, I still have a cough, a mild headache, and my breathing is still a little labored, but I am 95% back to how I was before I was struck down by the dreaded Coronavirus.

COVID-19 is no joke, I cannot imagine what it would have been like if we had not been vaccinated and boosted. Why anyone would choose to risk it by refusing to get a simple, free vaccine is beyond me.

The moral of the story, is don’t go out in public, the general public has the lurgies.

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