Premier League heartbreak for Liverpool!

Liverpool FC, so many reasons to be proud in the 2021/22 season

I thought at the halftime break on the title-deciding ‘Super Sunday’ of the 2021/22 Premier League season, that may be the miracle was happening, to overturn Manchester City’s 1-point lead in the Premiership to win the title, but it was not to be for Liverpool, breaking Reds hearts around the world.

Liverpool was stunned by Wolves in the first 3 minutes of the game, finding themselves a goal behind, Pedro Neto poking Raul Jimenez’s square ball into the back of the net. Liverpool was caught napping by Wolves counterattack with their high line. But despite this, Liverpool fans were unpanicked as the Reds tend to play their way out of trouble, and there were still 87 minutes of the game remaining.

Liverpool’s Senegalese International forward Sadio Mane equalized for Liverpool in the 24th minute, while Manchester City was being held to a scoreless draw by Steven Gerrard’s Aston Villa side. As the game passed its 37th minute a huge roar echoed around Anfield as news filtered through that Villa had scored, putting Liverpool in the box seat for the title if they could score just one more goal.

At half-time, Liverpool was level, while City was losing, giving Liverpool fans hope that the miracle was happening. Sadio Mane put the ball in the back of the net a few minutes after halftime, but he was deemed offside. Liverpool could not break down Wolves, looking tired and out of ideas for the next 20 minutes, before another huge roar reverberated around Anfield in the 69th minute as news came in that Villa has scored a second goal, meaning City had to score 3, if Liverpool could find just one goal.

Then reality came crashing down on Anfield as news arrived that City had scored 3 quick goals in the space of 5 minutes to turn the title chase on its head, with Gündogan scoring twice, in the ’76 and ’81 minutes, and Rodri scoring in the 78th minute, meaning that even if Liverpool found that elusive goal, it would not matter. Mo Salah did finally make the breakthrough in the 84th minute, toe poking a rebounded header between the defender and the post, and Andy Robertson made it 3 – 1 in the 89th minute, sadly it was all academic unless Gerrard’s Villa could do us a huge favor and score a third goal.

It was not to be, the game finished Manchester City 3, Aston Villa 2 at the Etihad Stadium, while Liverpool was victorious over Wolves at Anfield. The Reds did all they could to make the quadruple dream happen, which is all we can ask of Jurgen Klopp’s team. For me, it’s a hard pill to swallow, it looked like it was going Liverpool’s way before City seemingly found 3 goals out of the blue. That said, it would have been even more heartbreaking if City drew or lost, and Liverpool could not find the second goal to claim the title. I think most Liverpool fans had accepted that it was unlikely that City would draw or lose on the final day, and that City would be Premier League champions, but the dramatic events of the day played with the emotions of Liverpool fans around the world, heightening the disappointment of finishing second.

We are disappointed, but we are so proud of what Liverpool has achieved this season, The FA Cup, The Carabao Cup, and potentially the Champions League title should the Reds overcome Real Madrid in Paris six days from now. Mo Salah jointly won the Golden Boot award, Alisson Becker jointly won the Golden Glove award, while Belgian International Divock Origi was given the guard of honor as he leaves Anfield after 8 years of faithful service, with loan spells at Lille, and VfL Wolfsburg during that time period.

What an amazing season, Liverpool was once more than four wins adrift of Manchester City, so to finish just one point behind in the Premier League, to come within touching distance of the title is an amazing feat. CONGRATULATIONS to Manchester City, they may have done it the hard way, but they did what they needed to do, and are deserved 2021/22 Premier League champions.

Just one more game remains, the Champions League final, to make it three trophies this season if Liverpool can avenge their 3 – 1 Champions League final defeat in 2018. This is not an easy tie, but I am hopeful that Liverpool can achieve the treble this season. Then the Reds can take a well-earned break after playing the maximum possible number of games in a season, before regrouping for another try at the Premier League title next season, there are exciting times ahead for Liverpool under Jurgen Klopp.

SCAM! Neo Insurance Solutions – Medical Insurance Scam!

Scam: Neo Insurance Solutions

Sadly I find myself writing another one of these scam warning posts due to my wife being taken in by Neo Insurance Solutions, who lied to her on the phone, selling her a dental insurance plan that never was.

Some of the details are a little hazy, like the first point of contact, I know that my wife visited one of these insurance finder websites through a Google PPC advert, I don’t know which one, of course, she immediately got bombarded with calls. I refuse to put my information into any ‘marketplace’ website, for this very reason, her phone number and zip code have probably been sold ten times over by now.

I gave them the benefit of the doubt, allowing Neo Insurance Solutions to take the first payment of $69.99, not knowing who they were, as Erin needed to have some dental work done. The representative told Erin that the insurance would be valid immediately as we paid on March 30, 2022. Guess what? a week passed, and no cards arrived, so Erin called them up, to inquire about the cards, and at this time, she found out, despite taking $69.99 for the first month, that it would not be valid until May 1, 2022.

Erin complained that she was lied to, that the original representative told her that it would be available for use immediately, and the second representative claimed to have changed the effective date to 4/8/2022, and gave her a policy number, over the telephone. At this point, we thought that maybe this was just a clerical error, so my wife went ahead and made an appointment with her dentist, only to find out on the day of the visit that the insurance was not valid, and not only that, it was also out of network.

Fast forward to May 7, 2022, and another charge is made to my credit card for $69.99, still no insurance cards in the mail. This is the point where I lost my patience, $139.98 had been taken with zero coverage in effect, so I called up the credit card company, canceled the card, and disputed the 2 charges of $69.99 as we had not received the services we paid for, meaning Erin was still waiting to get her dental work done.

This is the point, where I did something I should have done before handing over any payment information, researching the company, and there are a whole bunch of reviews of this company with a similar experience to us. At least I used a credit card to make the payment, as I knew I had more protection than I would if we used a debit card, so I guess we should be thankful for small mercies.

Neo Insurance Solutions is rated F by the Better Business Bureau, with an average rating of 1.44 out of 5. The only reason for the added 0.44 is because one person rated them 5 out of 5, which I suspect is someone either employed by or related to the company. When you visit their about page, it has Lorem Ipsum text, see screenshot below, on a website launched in 2020, according to the copyright message. No legitimate company would have Loren Ipsum placeholder text on a live website, 2+ years after launch.

Neo Insurance Solutions website about page screenshot

I write this hoping that people searching for this company online will find this blog and not get taken in by Neo Insurance Solutions, details of this company are listed below.

Neo Insurance Solutions, LLC
141 NE 3rd Ave STE 601
Miami, FL 33132-2233
(855) 563-6669

Leaked draft opinion indicates SCOTUS will overturn Roe Vs Wade

Pro-birth Supreme Court justices poised to strike down Roe v. Wade

On the evening of Monday, May 2, 2022, Politico reported that a leaked draft majority opinion written in February 2022 by Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito concerning the pro-choice abortion decision Roe V. Wade in 1973, is set to overturn the landmark decision, which gives women autonomy over their own bodies, including aborting a pregnancy up to the end of the second trimester, which, typically is up to 27 weeks, when a fetus is considered to become viable, that is, it can survive outside of the womb.

This is not a surprise, we knew that Trump and the GOP stacked the US Supreme Court with pro-life (read: pro-birth) conservatives to produce this result. The GOP stole one nomination from former President Barack Obama, blocking his nominee, Merrick Garland, citing that a president in their final year should not be allowed to nominate a judge. Only to flip that on its head pushing Amy Coney Barrett onto the high court in record-breaking time in the final month of Trump’s tenure at the White House.

The issue is weak, useless Democrats, who like to push the blame on the GOP, Democrat congressman Sean Patrick Maloney literally tweeted “It’s about Republicans, not us“. Never mind the fact that Democrats have had control of the House of Representatives, the Senate, and The White House for a year and a half, and have done sweet FA with it. No Republican votes are needed to kill the filibuster, which would allow Congress to codify Roe v. Wade into federal law, making the SCOTUS vote irrelevant.

Many Republican stronghold states have been implementing their own rules on abortion over the past 18 months, some banning abortion after just six weeks, a timeframe where a woman is highly unlikely to know she is even pregnant. According to the SCOTUS 1973 Roe v. Wade decision, this is unconstitutional as it’s within the first trimester, but the 2021-22 Supreme Court has allowed these laws to stand, despite being at odds with Roe v. Wade. All these state-based rules were designed to push the decision up the judicial chain to the Supreme Court, which is where we find ourselves now, the GOP end game.

If the final SCOTUS vote does strike down Roe v. Wade, you can bet your bottom dollar that, as expected, the GOP retakes the house and Senate in 2022, and the White House in 2024, the filibuster is gone without hesitation. And, they will outlaw abortion federally, so even the Democrat states cannot offer pregnancy terminations. The GOP did the same thing with a carve out from the filibuster for Supreme Court nominees, to push Gorsuch, Kavanaugh, and Coney Barrett onto the court to set up this situation.

If this is allowed to stand, either by the voting public or by congress, next they will take aim at same-sex marriage, then interracial marriage, America is on a disastrous trajectory, where civil liberties will be systematically stripped away. Of course, the GOP is the party of small government and freedom, but wants to regulate a women’s body, does anyone on either side of the aisle believe this bullshit.

America needs stronger, progressive Democrats in Congress, but I don’t see it happening. Between the apathy of the electorate, who turned out in 2020 to hand Democrats both houses of Congress and the White House, based on Biden’s promises, will not turn out again because they feel those promises have been broken, with only excuses coming from the Biden administration. And, the fact that people are very vocal on social media, but don’t turn up at the polls, words on the Internet don’t change anything.

Americans need to understand that Washington DC could not give a single fuck about them. It doesn’t matter whether there’s an (R) or a (D) after their name, they are all beholden to corporate America. At this point “We, the people” is nothing more than a meme, unless you believe the SCOTUS’ ruling on Citizens United, stating that Corporations are people, and money is speech. ‘Real’ people cannot afford to buy politicians to do their bidding, so they get constantly trickled down on (pissed on from above).

Finally, this meme, I don’t actually advocate for this either, but it makes the point.

Stop abortion at the source...

Addendum: I am not pro-abortion, nor pro-murder, I have been accused of both. I am pro-choice, I do not believe I, nor anyone else has the right to dictate what anyone can do with their body. The reality is that pro-life advocates are not pro-life, they’re pro-birth, once a woman births that baby, the pro-life brigade is not interested in that ‘life’. No support for mother and child, meaning kids living in poverty, going hungry, where often the only meal they get is at school while the right-wing advocates for the abolishment of the social safety net programs, and advocating for the second amendment when kids are being gunned down in mass school shootings, blaming it on mental health, using the tragedy to push for more guns, advocating arming teachers. This does not sound very PRO-LIFE to me.

Devastating Andover, Kansas Tornado, April 29, 2022

Andover, Kansas tornado, April 29, 2022

Yesterday evening, a devastating tornado ripped through the city of Andover, Kansas leaving a path of destruction, leveling homes, tossing cars, uprooting trees, but thankfully, only a few minor injuries, no fatalities. All this happened 10 miles east of where we live in North Wichita. Nature is a powerful and scary bitch, with slightly different conditions, this could have hit the neighborhood in which we reside.

This tornado just happened to coincide with the anniversary of the deadly EF5 Tornado outbreak in 1991, which passed a couple of days ago. In 1991, seventeen people died in the Andover area, with four others losing their lives in the same outbreak elsewhere in Kansas and Oklahoma. The Andover tornado siren system failed in 1991, which caused many fatalities during this outbreak. Thankfully, the April 29, 2022 tornado is estimated to have been an EF3, and the tornado sirens worked perfectly. Extensive damage was caused, but no lives were lost, property can be replaced, people’s lives cannot.

My first experience of a tornado was in April 2012, when Wichita was hit by an EF3 Tornado. The apartment community where we lived suffered significant damage, such as siding, and roof tiles ripped off, signage and fences destroyed, trees uprooted, and flying debris blown through windows. The property had a makeshift storm shelter, otherwise known as the fitness center located in the clubhouse basement, which we took advantage of. The power went out, which made for a not-so-fun experience, 100+ people crammed into a basement, making it like an oven while we rode out the tornado.

This whole experience was not great for our 12-year-old daughter, who is autistic with a side diagnosis of anxiety. She has an obsession with the weather, a basic storm causes her significant anxiety, let alone tornado sirens blaring. Our home doesn’t have a basement, which is baffling in the heart of tornado alley, so every time a tornado warning is active, we head to my mother-in-law’s house as she has a basement with a room that is basically a concrete block, which helps settle our daughter’s nerves a little.

Even though a tornado is scary as hell, I’d rather face a tornado than a hurricane, earthquake, or wildfire.

My rent is increasing, but there’s no money to move elsewhere!

My rent is increasing, but there’s no money to move elsewhere

A couple of days ago, I received an email from our landlord, notifying us of a $60 per month rent increase from $1,035 up to $1,095 per month, “due to unprecedented increases in costs“. In the past 3 years, since the new owners took over, our rent has increased from $925 to $1,095, an increase of $170 in 36 months. which I think is too much for an average rental home, located in a less desirable area of the city.

I could literally own this home for about $200 less per month, but because of the current high rental rates, people like me cannot save money for a deposit, and associated home buying fees. This is also true for moving to a different rental home, we don’t have the cash on hand to pay a month’s rent as a deposit, plus the prorated rent, which could be another full month if we move on the first of the month.

I’m sure that we will also be screwed by the current landlord, although I could fight this, as I have never signed a lease with the current landlord. I am still on a holdover lease from the previous owner, on a month-to-month lease. I really don’t want to sign the new lease, simply because I don’t agree with many of the terms, which shift many of the maintenance costs & responsibilities from the owner to the tenant. Such as if a window gets broken, because of a storm, the tenant has to bear the cost to fix it, not to mention pest control, changing HVAC filters, and they expect you to leave the home in move-in ready condition after a decade of residency, so I expect a huge bill come the end of our tenure at this house.

Another thing to consider, our electricity bill is on an average payment plan, equalizing the costs per month, instead of seeing significant spikes in costs during higher usage months, like high summer and the coldest winter months. We would lose this for one year if we move to a different home, increasing our monthly costs. With our internet, we are fortunate to have symmetrical 1Gb AT&T Fiber internet, with no data limits for $90, if we move, we could be paying a lot more, having to pay $120, plus overages or paying a premium on top for unlimited from Cox, as AT&T Fiber is not available everywhere in the city.

I work in the property management industry, so I know how rental rates are exploding. Homes that used to rent for $1,000 are now renting for $1,250, which, despite working for a property management company, I don’t earn enough to rent. To qualify for a $1,250 home, I would need a 20% increase in salary. Our standards are that a resident would have to make 3x the rental rate to qualify, some other rentals require 2.5x the rental rate as income, which would qualify us for a $1,260 per month home.

So, the bottom line, is we are kinda stuck, rent is too high, but we can’t afford to move, based on my income. My wife’s income has been sporadic, being in and out of work for the past several years. And as of August 2022, we will be losing $1,100 per month due to our son turning 18, and his absent biological father will stop paying child support. I would love to feel more positive, but after years of working our asses off, the “American Dream” is no closer after almost 15 years, and we’re not getting any younger.

“Not qualified” judge strikes down mask mandate on domestic flights

Kathryn Kimball Mizelle, not-qualified according to American Bar Association

This post is as much about the requirements to hold political and judicial positions at the federal level as much as the revocation of the mask mandate on domestic flights and other public transport.

Kathryn Kimball Mizelle, who was deemed by the American Bar Association “not qualified“, was pushed through by the GOP-led Senate and appointed to the 11th circuit district court of Florida very late in the Trump presidency after he had already lost the election to the current President Joe Biden.  At the time of her appointment, she had literally never tried a case, either civil or criminal, and only served internships, notably with SCOTUS Justice Clarence Thomas, which given recent revelations about Thomas and his wife, Ginni Thomas is not high praise. In short, Ginni Thomas was an active participant in the attempt to overthrow the results of the 2020 presidential election, Justice Thomas should have recused himself from ruling on anything related to the 2020 presidential election, due to a clear conflict of interest, but didn’t.

Mizelle is the 10th “not qualified” nominee to be appointed to the federal court during Trump’s four years as President of the United States. Clearly, the federal court system is broken, when Judges are appointed based on ideology, and partisanship, not experience, qualifications, or impartiality.

US District Judge Mizelle ruled on Monday, 4/18 that President Biden’s federal facemask mandate be revoked, with immediate effect for airplanes and other transportation, stating such gems as “Wearing a mask cleans nothing,”, and “At most, it traps virus droplets. But it neither sanitizes the person wearing the mask nor sanitizes the conveyance”. Ignoring the science of how wearing a mask significantly reduces the chances of transmission, but Republicans don’t care about such things as the truth, facts, and science.

The right-wing is acting like the COVID-19 pandemic is over, the evidence says otherwise, although they’d say that the current rate of deaths and infections is an acceptable risk. The 7-day average for new infections is 38,482, with over 60,000 reported yesterday, April 18, 2022, while the 7-day average for Coronavirus deaths is 471 in the same period of time, with a peak of 994 within that week in the US.

The bigger issue I feel is the minimal standards required to hold federal office. Trump was elected to the highest office in the United States without any political experience, never holding any sort of political office, at the federal, state, or city level prior to taking up residence in the White House. And, that inexperience showed time and time again during his tenure in Washington DC. The same is true of Mizelle, being handed a lifetime appointment to the federal court without ever trying a single case as a lawyer, with her only legal experience being as an intern, and is now ruling and life and death issues.

Latest F1 happenings viewed through the eyes of me, myself and I!

Latest F1 happenings through the eyes of me, myself, and I

It’s not been a great start to the season for Red Bull, particularly the current world drivers champion, Lewis Hamilton Max Verstappen, who has failed to finish Bahrain, and Australian Grand Prix due to mechanical issues. The Dutchman finds himself 46 points and five places behind current driver’s championship leader, Charles Leclerc, in what has been a big resurgence of Ferrari, which somewhat pleases me after more than a decade of Mercedes and Red Bull dominating Formula One.

Before the season started, if you told me, after three races, that Charles Leclerc would be leading the driver’s championship by 34 points from George Russell, with Lewis Hamilton in fifth place, and Verstappen in sixth place, I would be wondering what drugs you had been taking, but it’s reality.

Unfortunately, for the second, sorry other Ferrari driver, Carlos Sainz, Melbourne was a horror show, only qualifying 9th, thanks to a red flag in Q3, getting a horrific start, and spinning out into the gravel and out of the race on lap 2 in a car that’s the class of the field, finds himself behind Mercedes’ Russell. But did have a 2nd and 3rd place finish in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia respectively, so it’s not all bad news.

A rule that has been in place since 2004, is being described as directly targeting Lewis Hamilton, some even going as far as saying it’s racist, has many of his fans, including Toto Wolff, up into a frenzy as the British driver refuses to comply with this rule, which one of the two race directors, Niels Wittich has decided to follow to the letter of the rule. What could this rule possibly be you ask? well, it’s the rule which says that “body piercing or metal neck chains” cannot be worn while in the car. So the FIA created a rule, in 2004, to target a driver that was 3 years away from becoming an F1 driver when it was written.

A friend commented on social media that Hamilton fans were calling for rules to be followed to the letter, in regard to last season’s finale in Abu Dhabi, but now they, and Hamilton want to pick and choose which rules they want to follow. The question is, what will the FIA do about it? Hamilton kept his piercings in during the Australian Grand Prix, where he finished in fourth place. Surely the FIA need to punish him, or this makes one of their two race directors, Niels Wittich look real bad for bringing up the rule, not to mention that it would indicate that Hamilton, one driver, is bigger than the whole sport of Formula 1.

Ahead of the Australian Grand Prix in Melbourne, it was announced that the reprofiled Albert Park circuit would have four DRS zones. My mind immediately went to “do the FIA think the new 2022 car design is not working?” to improve the spectacle, feeling the need to have DRS zones that cover close to half of the total length of the circuit. After practice, the number of DRS zones was reduced to three, which still seems like too many, I still feel, even after a whole decade of use, that DRS is a gimmick, which I hoped would have gone away with the new car design regulations, but nope, it’s still with us, even more so, it seems.

After the Australian Grand Prix, Sky F1 commentator, Martin Brundle said that George Russell got lucky with the safety car, in what I interpreted as him claiming that Russell only finished ahead of Hamilton because of the timing of the safety car. And yes, he’s correct, but that’s the way it goes sometimes, the luck goes your way. Going back one year, Hamilton got some massive luck with a red flag caused by current teammate Russell, then driving a Williams, colliding with Hamilton’s 2021 teammate, Valtteri Bottas, putting him back in contention after losing a lap recovering from an excursion into the gravel at Imola, gaining back the lap he lost, but no-one wants to mention that, it’s only other drivers that ‘get lucky’.

Sebastian Vettel seemingly spent more time on a scooter than he did driving his Aston Martin race car, after returning to F1 for the first time in 2022 after getting over COVID-19. In practice 1, the German driver stopped out on track 15 minutes from the end of the session, then commandeered a scooter, and rode himself back to the pits, for which he was fined €5,000 for his rule-breaking antics. After sitting out the second practice session, Vettel crashed out in practice 3, resulting in another scooter ride, this time on the back. Seb, only got to do one lap at the end of qualifying, due to the damage from his practice 3 crash but failed to make an Impact, going out in the first session of qualifying. Finally, on race day, Vettel crashed a second time, ending his nightmare return, maybe he wishes he was still out with COVID-19?

I previously wrote race reports, but this season I am switching it up, writing opinion pieces instead, hopefully, y’all enjoy this more than writing a matter-of-fact race report, which you can get anywhere.

Formula 1’s “should not get involved in politics” bullshit!

Formula 1s hypocrisy on not getting involved in politics

On this day, the day, where F1 races in Saudi Arabia, a country that has committed so many human rights atrocities that we have lost count, the talk is whether we should be racing in Jeddah today after Houthi Rebels bombed a fuel facility just 10 miles from the Jeddah Corniche Circuit, and F1 decided, despite many teams and drivers reservations to continue racing despite a significant threat to the event.

I’ll start by saying, I do not back or condone the actions of the terrorists, known as the Houthi Rebels, but I cannot in good conscience allow the narrative of only telling half the story, hiding what the Saudis have done to Yemen because they didn’t like that Houthi Rebels took over the Yemeni government, admittedly by force, and have been bombing and blockading Yemen, causing a massive humanitarian crisis, where over 400,000 Yemeni’s have been killed, including many women and children, with many more millions likely to die imminently due to the blockade, creating a shortage of food, clean water, and healthcare.

No matter how you try to cut it, targeting innocent civilians is unacceptable, but F1, the FIA, the United States, and the United Kingdom is turning a blind eye to this horrific situation while giving wall-to-wall coverage to the war in Ukraine. F1 and the FIA are using the “sport should not get involved in politics” as their logic for racing in countries like Saudi Arabia, when F1 is all about politics, as I will explain.

How can Formula 1 say they are not involved in politics when the FIA and F1 have made a number of political decisions in recent years? This includes removing the Russian Grand Prix from the 2022 calendar, for invading Ukraine, and their stance on racism, known as the “We Race as One” campaign, which I am not saying is wrong, I support those stances, but I call out the hypocrisy of the sport and governing body when it turns a blind eye to the US/UK backed war in Yemen, it’s a massive double standard.

In my opinion, international sports, and sportspeople should be actively involved in politics, using their platform to shine a light on horrific events happening around the world, while western ‘corporate’ media ignore what’s happening in countries like Saudi Arabia/Yemen, and Isreal/Palestine, and a number of African countries, while western governments financially support these human rights atrocities.

Countries like the United Kingdom and the USA should be held responsible for actively supporting, both logistically and financially human rights violations in so many countries around the world. How many civilians have died at the hands of US-made weapons over the decades? So-called news agencies like CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News are complicit in these atrocities by not reporting on what’s happening in these countries, allowing the UK/US to continue to support these wars without any public outcry.

Formula 1 2022: Bahrain Grand Prix

New season, new rules, Bahrain F1 Grand Prix

F1 cars look very different in 2022 with the return of ground effects, and all-new 18in wheels, with a view of increasing the ability to follow cars more closely and improve overtaking, but more importantly, it has leveled the playing field with the prancing horse, Ferrari finding themselves at the very front of the grid.

The Bahrain Grand Prix was set for fireworks with two young chargers, world champion, Max Verstappen and Ferrari ace, Charles Leclerc on the front row, with the Monégasque driver taking pole, but sadly those fireworks didn’t happen, at least not at the start, Leclerc managed to stay ahead of the Dutchman off the line and then created a big enough gap to deny Verstappen DRS when it was activated on lap 3.

In pre-season testing, Lewis Hamilton said that Mercedes would not be challenging for wins, which I dismissed as pre-season testing is often very different from the reality of racing in anger, but Hamilton’s prophecy seems to be true, with Hamilton and new boy, George Russell, qualifying in fifth and ninth places respectively, although the final race result was somewhat better for the Mercedes duo.

Back to the race for the victory, although Verstappen could not stay close enough to Leclerc’s Ferrari to benefit from DRS, after the first round of pitstops, Verstappen was much closer, and the two young guns battled back and forth for the lead over 3 laps before Leclerc finally managed to pull out of DRS range. Verstappen without the DRS boost, found himself lacking the pace to challenge for the lead again.

Verstappen’s issues only got worse, after failing to utilize the undercut on his second stop, Red Bull elected to make a third stop, at which time, the Dutchman suffered power steering issues, costing him time, then 3 laps from the end, while running in second place, his Red Bull’s fuel pump developed a fault, starving his Honda supported, RBPT power unit of fuel, forcing him to limp back to the pits. It got worse for Red Bull, the same fuel pump fault forced teammate Sergio Perez out of the race on the penultimate lap, his engine locked up going into turn 1, sending the Mexican into a spin.

All this meant that all of a sudden, the second Ferrari of Carlos Sainz and the Mercedes of Hamilton was up to second and third places respectively, with Mercedes teammate Russell recovering from his poor qualifying to finish in fourth place, behind his fellow Briton and teammate. And what’s more amazing is that Haas finished in fifth place with the returning Kevin Magnussen, who was running in a solid seventh place, before the Red Bull’s issues, that’s a hell of a turnaround from last season for Haas.

Former Mercedes driver, Valtteri Bottas, driving for Alfa Romeo, finished his first race for the team in sixth place, of course benefitting from Red Bull’s retirement, also, Bottas’ Alfa Romeo teammate Zhou Guanyu impressed me, a very solid mature drive from the rookie to score a point in his F1 debut.

It’s a little early to make any conclusions, but it seems that the regulations changes have had the desired effect. The drivers definitely appear to be able to follow each other more closely, and it has certainly shaken things up, back of the grid teams like Haas are now suddenly solidly in the top 10, and Mercedes are not the dominant force they have been, Ferrari scored a 1 – 2, reliability issues seem to be back, adding some unpredictability, which I’m sure will improve as teams get to grips with the new regulations.

Craigslist rental scams!

Craigslist Rental Scams -

As a rental home marketer, I use Craigslist as part of my daily marketing activities. Also, as I have been doing this for the best part of a decade, I know what home rental rates are for a given area. So, when I see adverts in the “apartments/housing for rent” section advertised for $850, with a photo of a home that would rent for easily double that amount, big red flags are immediately waving in front of my face.

An example of a craigslist scam

Above is an example of such a listing, from which I took the phone number and Googled it, and several scam reporting websites appeared at the top of the listings. The phone number was not an exact match, the last four numbers were different, this is a good example of one of the types of scams on Craigslist.

I have not called the number, this is speculation on my part, on whether the above listing is the same as the scam. Rent-2-Own Club appears to be an entity that is a funnel to Lexington Law, whose specialty is credit repair. In this scam, a person calls the listed number and is told that to take advantage of this rent-to-own offer, they’d have to sign up to Lexington Law for a recurring fee of $130, who then will give the victim a confirmation number, to give back to At this point, will promise to send you a selection of listings and that a realtor will be reaching out soon after, and that’s as far as it goes, meanwhile, Lexington Law continues to charge their monthly fee.

Some of the reviews of on other websites state that even if they refuse to take up the offer for credit recovery, their personal number, gained through caller-ID is sold to marketers, and the victim is bombarded with all sorts of marketing calls, including harassing calls from

If you visit, and look at their properties, and their associated prices, you soon realize they have stolen photos from the Internet, no addresses are given, not even the city where the house is located, no other details other than year built, bedrooms, bathrooms and square footage. It states “Call us NOW, Get information about the Second Chance Program and pass fast qualification procedure. Our friendly team will guide you through the whole process.” – despite this, there is no phone number or any kind of contact form on the website, it’s literally a single page website with named anchor links.

I would advise anyone to steer clear of calling numbers on Craigslist for rental homes, the listing website is a scammer’s paradise these days, most legitimate rental homeowners and marketers abandoned the website long ago. I would love to do so myself, but my employer wants me to continue to use Craigslist.

Google yourself to read what people are saying about this company!