3 Years On… We Are Still Having Issues With School Behaviors

School Consequences

As my 13 year old son approaches the end of his middle school years, we are still having issues with getting him motivated to do his school work, he often doesn’t do it, sometimes does it, but shoves it in his agenda and doesn’t hand it in, which has consistently caused his grades to drop in the D’s and F’s.

The rule at home is a single D or F means no video games until he gets back into a C and above grade in all subjects. This week, he turned a single D into two D’s and an F, despite me telling him what he needed to do to get his grades to where they needed to be. Instead of pulling his work from Google Classroom and doing it, he elected to lounge about watching TV, so his TV privileges got revoked too.

My son is more than capable of getting A’s and B’s across the board when he puts in the effort. I have noticed that in his intervention classes, he does well, he currently has two A’s, which I put down to being in a smaller class, where he is unable to slack off so easily. He has an A and a B in the classes he likes, but the larger classes in subjects he dislikes, these are the problem classes, where grades are sub-par.

His teachers tell me he is capable, despite this, my son likes to claim he is stupid, which is far from true, he makes stupid decisions, that’s for sure, but, he is highly intelligent and despite his diagnosis of autism with ADHD, that does not stop him from getting good grades, he is just not interested in those subjects.

He’s smart enough to know that, for example, he had to get all C’s or above to get a new video game at the end of the last semester, so he delivered all C’s, by the seat of his pants, mind you, he was one point away from getting a D. So this semester, we have upped the ante to three B’s and no D’s or F’s.

Clearly, we are very concerned, with him going to high school in a little over four months, that we are unable to break him of these behaviors, especially regarding handing in work late, or not at all until we check his grades online and get on his case about it. My son talks about going to Full Sail University in Florida, the way he is going, he won’t even get into local community college with these grades.

On to the event that inspired this write up, yesterday, Friday, 4/20, I received an Email from his language arts teacher describing his highly disrespectful actions. First, he accused his teacher of “failing to grade his work”, which he had handed in three days after it was due. My son was sent to the back of the room for his actions, where he grabbed some assignment sheets and wrote his name on them, before going back to the teacher, waving them in her face, demanding she grade them immediately, disrupting the class.

Later, in the same class, my son asked the teacher if he could sit in the comfy seats, which seems to be a reward type of seat, from what I can gather. His teacher said, “no, no-one is sitting there in class today”, to which my son responded, “you’re a liar”. Clearly, this is not acceptable behavior, and we certainly have not raised him this way, we teach personal responsibility to both our kids, not to shift the blame.

I understand that he is angry that he has lost his video game and TV privileges, but he has no-one else to blame, but himself. Even now, when he has no TV to watch or video games to play, he chooses to sleep instead of taking proactive steps to resolve the situation. His missing schoolwork is available to him on Google Classroom, but he chooses to be inactive and talking to him is like talking to a brick wall.

We have signed him up to after-school tutoring to help him get the work done, and in all honesty, has done nothing to improve his grades. I don’t know what he is using this extra time for, clearly, it is not for catching up with school work. My son constantly refuses help offered to him by teachers and us, as parents, he says he can do it. How do you help someone that doesn’t want to help themselves?

Formula 1 Chinese Grand Prix 2018

Daniel Ricciardo Celebrates Chinese Grand Prix Win With A Shoey

Maybe the 2018 Formula 1 season will not be as dull as we all expected. A mid-race safety car caused by the two Red Bull ‘B’ team drivers having a coming together at the turn 14 hairpin, conspiracy theorists ahoy, certainly spiced things up with a late call from the Red Bull pit wall that allowed both drivers to put on the yellow marked soft tire while their rivals stayed out on the white marked medium tires.

The start was a typical Sebastian Vettel affair, the German chopped across the front of his teammate, Kimi Raikkonen who started alongside him on the front row, that allowed Mercedes rival Valtteri Bottas to take advantage of the compromised Raikkonen to move into second place. Meanwhile, Max Verstappen in the Red Bull with a set of ultra-soft tires on, made an amazing start to move past Hamilton through turns 3 and 4 and got a run on Raikkonen down to the turn six hairpin to move up two places to third place.

Fast forward to lap 17, Red Bull stacked their drivers in the pits for a new set of the white marked medium tires, clearly, with a view of going to the end of the race. Lewis Hamilton, running in 5th place at the time, did the same on lap 18, likewise, Bottas followed suit on lap 19, looking for the undercut on Ferrari and it worked brilliantly. When Ferrari pitted Vettel on lap 20, for the same medium tires, the Mercedes of Bottas cruised on by as Vettel exited the pits to take the race lead away from the German.

It was even worse for Raikkonen, who Ferrari seemingly used to back Bottas into the clutches of Vettel. However, the Finn could not keep his compatriot behind on his Ferrari’s degraded tires. As soon as Bottas got past, Raikkonen immediately released Vettel to chase after Bottas while he pitted for tires at the end of the lap, which cost him two positions, falling behind both Hamilton and Ricciardo to sixth place.

On lap 31; Pierre Gasly made a late dive down the inside of the turn 14 hairpin and collided with his Toro Rosso teammate Brendan Hartley, leaving debris strewn across the track on the apex of the hairpin at the end of the back straight. After the race, it was explained that it was a miscommunication of what should have been an orchestrated change of position between teammates. This prompted the safety car to be deployed so marshalls could clear the debris from the track and gave Red Bull a significant advantage.

As the safety car was deployed, leaders Bottas and Vettel had passed the pit entrance, while Red Bull made the “box, box, box” call to both drivers, Verstappen had just cleared the pit box as Ricciardo came in, perfect syncronized pit stops from Red Bull. After the restart, Ricciardo wasted little time regaining fifth place from Raikkonen. A couple laps later, Ricciardo moved into fourth place as teammate, Verstappen challenged Hamilton for third place and the Briton ran Verstappen wide on the outside of turn 7.

One lap later, Ricciardo, the last of the late brakers, dived down the inside of Hamilton at the hairpin at the end of the back straight to take third place. The Red Bull show continued with Verstappen passing Hamilton for fourth as Ricciardo breezed past the Ferrari of Vettel on the back straight for second. Verstappen, then got greedy, trying to squeeze into an ever decreasing gap making contact with Vettel, sending both drivers into a spin, for which, the FIA later handed Verstappen a 10 second time penalty.

Ricciardo was not done, on lap 45, he made another massive dive down the inside of Bottas for the lead and made it stick, although it was close, it looked like Bottas was going to shut the door, but the Finn saw the Australian at the last minute and jinked away to give the Red Bull driver space. Verstappen did catch and pass Hamilton once more after his contact with Vettel, but because of the 10 second time penalty, Hamilton was promoted back to 4th place, with the Dutchman being classified in fifth place.

Ferrari’s Vettel eventually finished in eighth place, being overtaken by the Renault of Nico Hulkenberg and McLaren’s Fernando Alonso in the closing stages as Vettel was clearly suffering from a lack of grip from his now 36 lap old tires and possible collision damage. Renault’s Carlos Sainz took the chequered flag in ninth place while HAAS’ Kevin Magnussen claimed the final point of the Chinese Grand Prix 2018.

From a personal perspective, this was an amazing race, we got to see some bonafide overtaking and my favorite driver won the race with an immense driving performance. Given that Danny Ric got out for the first qualifying session with only 3 minutes remaining on the clock after a turbo failure in practice 3 and scraped into qualifying 2, to win the race was an amazing feat from both, driver and team.

I’ve already heard conspiracy theories, about Red Bull collusion, between their A and B teams and even a suggestion, that race director, Charlie Whiting, waited for the leaders to pass the pit entrance to spice things up. Of course, I don’t believe this for one second, but if that was the intention, it worked brilliantly.

Chinese Grand Prix 2018 Results

1. Daniel Ricciardo (Red Bull) 1:35:36.380
2. Valtteri Bottas (Mercedes) +8.894
3. Kimi Raikkonen (Ferrari) +9.637
4. Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes) +16.985
5. Max Verstappen (Red Bull) +20.436
6. Nico Hulkenberg (Renault) +21.052
7. Fernando Alonso (McLaren) +30.639
8. Sebastian Vettel (Ferrari) +35.286
9. Carlos Sainz (Renault) +35.763
10. Kevin Magnussen (HAAS) +39.594

Why I Ditched Cox Communications In Favor Of AT&T For Internet!

Broken Cox Communications Pod

Over the past 10 years, the level of customer service at Cox Communications here in Wichita, Kansas has been poor, at best, in my opinion. The final straw, came over this past weekend. On Saturday evening, my internet went out, however, I thought it would be a short outage, so went to bed thinking, it’d be fixed by morning, it was not, so I call Cox technical support; and the following is what transpired during the call.

On the call, which was placed at roughly 9:15am on Sunday morning, I explain that my internet had been down since 5pm on Saturday night. The representative tried to reach my modem, a Motorola SB6121, which he was unable to do. He immediately went into telling me that my modem was outdated and incapable of handling 150mbps, claiming the SB6121 was only capable of handling 30mbps.

I know this to be bullshit, the specs for my modem, which I bought myself about 4 1/2 years ago, says that it can handle up to 172mbps, and last time I checked, 172 was more than 150. Before the outage it had be happily delivering 137mbps down and 16-20mbps up, despite this, the rep continued to push for me to buy a new modem, not even entertaining the idea that something else might be at fault.

Anyway, fine, I just wanted to get my internet back up, so I walked out to my car to head to Best Buy to purchase one of their recommended modems, when I noticed the scene pictured above, a car had clearly left the road, driven across my front lawn and hit the cable pod, connecting my house to the main line.

I called Cox technical support back and got the damaged pod temporarily fixed to get me up and running again on Monday morning. I told the engineer about my experience with technical support, and even he said that the phone tech had lied to me, he knew the modem I had was capable of providing the speed of the Premier tier I had, I do like the Cox service techs, they don’t give you any bullshit, which I appreciate.

I was told that another team would have to come out and make a permanent fix, which they did the next day. But, instead of knocking on my door to tell me that my Internet would go down for a few minutes while they repaired the main line, they pulled the plug on my internet connection as I clicked submit [to Internet] on something I had been working on for two hours, which failed and the work was lost.

I have to accept part of the blame for that, I should have done regular draft saves, but the Internet had been so reliable before this incident; and I requested that the techs let me know before starting the fix.

A few days before this all happened, I received an Email from Cox about an “at no additional cost” offer for an upgraded modem, which I initially ignored as the SB6121 was more than capable of providing the max speeds the Premier service offered. After my experience over the weekend, I clicked on the link from the Email and it was not free, there was a $20 connection fee, plus two other options, one to buy a modem for $200 or rent a $10/month Panoramic WiFi Modem, hardly at no additional cost is it?

Cox Free Upgraded Modem Scam

When I talked to a representative from the Cox customer retention department to cancel my service, I brought this Email up and he said it was a mailer sent out to everyone and was only available to customers with bundled Internet and phone, something that was not mentioned in the Email sent to me.

There are multiple other issues with Cox technical support over the years, including turning off our internet a day early when we moved to our current home five years ago, then failed to connect Internet at our new address, resulting in three days of downtime in our new home. Then, they had the gall to charge us $85 for an engineer to visit to get us online, which I did not pay, I had that removed from my bill.

Ultimately, this experience has cost Cox our business, over the 10 years we have been customers of theirs, we have paid them over $25,000 for TV and Internet services. We have switched to AT&T and their Fiber Internet 1000 tier, which provides symmetrical gigabit connectivity, something that Cox cannot compete with unless you happen to live in a brand new neighborhood, which we do not, our home is 12 years old.

I won’t say how good it is, I’ve only had AT&T installed for 27 hours, but so far, so good, we average about 850mbps down and 930mbps up, which is great for me as I do a lot of uploading of large files to various servers for my work. The amazing thing is the price, $80/month for one year, then just $90/month after the promotional period, the cost for Cox Premier (150mbps down/20mbps up) had just risen to $89.99.

AT&T included free installation and a free modem/router with wireless AC capability, now I just have one box on my desk instead of two. I’m kinda pleased that Cox tried to screw me over, as it forced me to look into alternatives. Last time I looked, five years ago, the fastest speed AT&T offered was 50mbps down and incredibly restrictive data caps, something that I don’t need to worry about now with Internet 1000.

To get something similar from Cox, with much slower upload speed, I’d have to pay $119.99 + $50 for unlimited data, so that’s a total of $169.99 for an inferior service, why on Earth would anyone pay $80 more for less. The Cox rep had an impossible job to retain me as a customer, there was nothing he could say to convince me to stay with Cox, there was nothing he could offer me to beat the AT&T offering.

Formula 1 Bahrain Grand Prix 2018

Bahrain F1 Grand Prix 2018

Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel continued his excellent start to the season, with win 2 of 2 ahead of the Mercedes duo of Valtteri Bottas and Lewis Hamilton, while Ferrari team mate, Kimi Raikkonen’s race ended in the pits with a mismatched set of tires after a botched pit stop, which caused a Ferrari mechanic, Francesco Cigarini to suffer a double leg fracture, which will cost the team, 50,000 Euros.

Vettel made a good start to head out of turn 1 first from pole position, while teammate Raikkonen, who qualified on the front row, made a poor start finding himself behind Bottas coming out of turn one. Hamilton failed to make up any places from the start, however former McLaren teammate, Fernando Alonso did make good progress, moving up to ninth place from 13th place before the start of lap two.

Red Bull’s Max Verstappen also made good progress to challenge Hamilton for 10th place into turn one on lap two, but it all ended in tears for the Dutchman as he made contact with Hamilton as he pushed the Englishman wide, causing a left rear puncture, leaving Verstappen to limp back to the pits. Meanwhile, it was a double blow for Red Bull as Daniel Ricciardo retired with a complete loss of power, despite making it back to the pits and out again, Verstappen also stopped his Red Bull on the side of the road on lap five.

Verstappen blamed Hamilton for the collision, saying the Briton didn’t allow sufficient room. I think that Hamilton was fair, from what I remember, Hamilton was on the white line marking the track limits. In my view, Verstappen was trying to thread the needle between Hamilton and Alonso, unsuccessfully, Hamilton cannot just disappear, it was a racing incident, let’s leave it at that, instead of having this war of words.

At the end of the virtual safety car period caused by Ricciardo’s stricken car on lap five, Hamilton took advantage of the Nico Hulkenberg, Esteban Ocon and Alonso squabble for sixth place, the Briton slid down the inside of all three drivers to steal sixth place going into turn one. In the next three laps, Hamilton made up another two places, passing Magnussen and Gasly to run in fourth behind Raikkonen.

During the first round of pit stops, it was clear that Mercedes was planning an endurance strategy while Ferrari was going for a performance strategy. Mercedes fitted the white painted medium tire, while Ferrari opted for the yellow painted soft tire. This meant that Ferrari would have to pit a second time, while the Mercedes drivers would not have to stop again during the race, barring any mishaps.

Come lap 36, Ferrari probably wished that they went with a single stop strategy as a pit stop blunder caused Raikkonen’s retirement and an injury to a Ferrari mechanic. A few laps later, Vettel was told over the team radio to switch to plan B, which clearly was to stay out on the soft tires until the end. This caused some excitement near the end of the race as Bottas closed into less than a half second of the German.

Although he had an anonymous race, big props to Pierre Gasly for bringing his STR Honda home in fourth place, the best result for Honda since their return I believe, correct me if I am wrong. Kevin Magnussen finished the race with all wheels secured, after Australia’s HAAS pit-stop disaster, to claim fifth. The top 10 was rounded out by Hulkenberg, Alonso, Vandoorne, Ericsson and Ocon in sixth thru 10th respectively.

This second win for Vettel gives the German a 17 point lead over main title rival, Hamilton, as we go into the third race of the season, the surprise in the current standings, is that Alonso is fourth in the driver’s championship, ahead of Raikkonen. Dare I say it? could Ferrari truly challenge Mercedes for the drivers and constructors titles? Well, that remains to be seen, after Ferrari’s capitulation during the 2017 season.

Bahrain Grand Prix 2018 Results

1. Sebastian Vettel (Ferrari) 1:32:01.940
2. Valtteri Bottas (Mercedes) +0.699
3. Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes) +6.512
4. Pierre Gasly (Toro Rosso) +62.234
5. Kevin Magnussen (HAAS) +75.046
6. Nico Hulkenberg (Renault) +99.024
7. Fernando Alonso (McLaren) +1 LAP
8. Stoffeel Vandoorne (McLaren) +1 LAP
9. Marcus Ericsson (Sauber) +1 LAP
10. Esteban Ocon (Force India) +1 LAP

Wifey’s New Ride: 2012 Ford Escape Limited!

Wifey's New Ride, 2012 Ford Escape Limited

When I received my inheritance back in September 2017, I promised that I would buy my wife a new (to her) car to replace her 2006 Saturn Vue, which is not in the best condition (woman driver n’all, that’s a joke BTW, maybe…) and frankly, it’s not worth getting it fixed as it’s value is so low and it has some design flaws which causes unbearable wind noise at highway speeds and the window leaks in heavy rain.

I’ve been trying to get my wife to look online at cars with me for months, but she had shown little interest. My wife would say that because it was winter, she didn’t need a new car immediately. Her current car doesn’t have working A/C and it will cost $1,500 to fix, which as I wrote above is not worth the cost.

The car that I eventually bought for her, I had been looking at for a few weeks. On her way back from work, she stopped by the dealership where the car I was looking at is located and called me. So I told her to come pick me up as she had taken my car and I’d have a look at it in person. I was expecting her to arrive at our home in my car and we’d drive back, but no, she turns up in the car we’d been looking at.

I drove the Escape back to the dealership and I was fairly impressed, I couldn’t find anything really wrong, a few minor scratches on the bodywork, a missing retaining clip for the driver side visor (which cost’s $16 direct from Ford) and missing factory floor mats. It felt good to drive, sounded good, and it’s 4-wheel drive, so I was happy to purchase the car for my wife, especially as it’s 4WD, great for winter driving.

The Escape is almost as loaded as my Fusion of the same model year, it’s only missing the powered passenger seat and blind spot monitoring. It has satellite navigation, Bluetooth, automatic dual-zone climate control, power sunroof and the all-important mood lighting that our daughter loves in my car.

We ended up paying $12,000, including taxes and fees, which is in line with the Kelly Blue Book value, we put down a $6,000 deposit and financed the remaining $6,000 over four years, with a small monthly payment. We could have bought it cash, but the dealership wasn’t interested in haggling, even with a potential cash purchase and we were unlikely to find another Limited model that is so well equipped.

We’ve had the Escape for a few days now and everything seems good, no issues, everything works as expected, including the brakes, which got tested about an hour after the purchase was complete, a dozy woman, decided to pull out as my wife was approaching the intersection, the brakes passed the test with flying colors. I would have been pissed if my wife got in a wreck the same day we had bought the car.

Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix 2018

Vettel leads Hmailton at F1 Australian Grand Prixn 2018

Formula 1 is back and disappointingly, it’s more of the same, despite an extra DRS zone for 2018, overtakes were few and far between, faster cars could cruise up to the back of the car in front, then stall, seemingly, not being able to get much closer than half a second even with the aid of DRS.

After a dominant qualifying session, I was expecting Lewis Hamilton to run and hide, but that didn’t happen, Ferrari’s Kimi Raikkonen was keeping him relatively honest, or maybe Hamilton was controlling the pace, either way, the gap never got too large. Sebastian Vettel couldn’t do much about his Maranello teammate, having to settle for third going into turn 1. Red Bull’s Max Verstappen was caught napping by HAAS’ Kevin Magnussen, the Dane clean drove around the outside of the Dutchman to take fourth place.

Fast forward to lap 11, Verstappen, clearly pushing super hard, despite having oversteer issues to retake fourth place from Magnussen, did a little pirouette coming out of turn 1, allowing the second HAAS of Romain Grosjean and Red Bull teammate Daniel Ricciardo through into fifth and six places respectively.

Valtteri Bottas, despite having the same car as race leader, Hamilton, was mired in 13th place, only having made up two places since the start of the race and making no impression on the car in front of him. Bottas did eventually recover to 8th place, mainly, thanks to the virtual and physical safety cars mid-race.

HAAS, who were running in fourth and fifth places at the time, screwed up massively, costing themselves a massive haul of points by cross-threading wheelnuts on both Magnussen’s and Grosjean’s cars one lap apart, leaving both HAAS cars stranded on the side of the track, forcing a virtual safety car period.

The VSC changed the course of the race, Vettel, electing to take his pit stop under VSC conditions, coming out ahead of both teammate, Raikkonen, and Hamilton to take the race lead. From what, I understand, pitlane entry and exits are not considered part of the track, meaning Vettel could gain 11 seconds while Hamilton and Raikkonen were bound by the VSC delta lap times, gifting the German the race lead.

Hamilton was clearly faster than Vettel, but like all battles up and down the field, overtaking was difficult, even with the aid of DRS, eventually, Mercedes called off the battle to preserve their engine, knowing they have three penalty-free power units for the season. As the race came to a close, Ricciardo went on a late charge, but couldn’t get close enough to make one of his trademark lunges down the inside of Raikkonen.

McLaren had the best start to a season in four years with Alonso claiming fifth place and Stoffel Vandoorne finishing in ninth, which was, admittedly part due to HAAS’pit lane blunders and the VSC, but still a very solid drive from both drivers in the orange cars. Alonso claims that McLaren is targeting Red Bull for 2018, which might be a tad optimistic, but I’d love to see McLaren fighting for podiums.

I don’t believe this for one second, but you know the conspiracy nuts will jump on the fact that Vettel, a Ferrari driver benefitted from the pit lane blunders of a Ferrari powered, so-called ‘B’ team. I think that Ferrari saw an opportunity and took it, and that’s the end of it, but from past experiences, I will bet that some Hamilton fans will be propagating the conspiracy theories concerning this unexpected result.

So, in conclusion, it was a generally dull race, only livened up by mistakes which resulted in an unexpected result, being generous, I would give it a four out of 10. Mercedes are clearly, still the car to beat, Ferrari and Red Bull may take a few points off the silver arrows, but I expect Mercedes to win the lions share of races and take the drivers, with Hamilton and constructors titles once again in 2018.

Australian Grand Prix 2018 Results

1. Sebastian Vettel (Ferrari) 1:29:33.283
2. Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes) +5.036
3. Kimi Raikkonen (Ferrari) +6.309
4. Daniel Ricciardo (Red Bull) +7.069
5. Fernando Alonso (McLaren) +27.886
6. Max Verstappen (Red Bull) +28.945
7. Nico Hulkenberg (Renault) +32.671
8. Valtteri Bottas (Mercede) +34.339
9. Stoffel Vandoorne (McLaren) +34.921
10. Carlos Sainz (Renault) +45.722

WWE 2K18, PC/Steam, Useless For Online Play With Friends

WWE 2K18, PC

Many, many years ago, when I still lived in the UK, I used to play WWE Smackdown Vs Raw with a friend on the PlayStation 2 in the mid-noughties, and it was amazing mindless fun. Recently, I saw WWE 2K18 on sale on Steam, so I went ahead and purchased the game, my friend did the same in the hope of rekindling the fun of mid-2000’s WWE games over the Internet as we now live on separate continents.

Both my friend and I were sorely disappointed by our purchase. Playing online, with me hosting on a 150/15Mbit connection was a joke, we were getting 10-15fps while in online mode, however, we both got 60fps+ while in single player mode, so it’s not a hardware limitation causing the performance issue.

Also, there seems to be no way to use Skype and play the game because game voice chat cannot be disabled in game. My friend and I both went into Steam and turned the volume for microphone and receive volumes to minimum in Settings -> Voice configuration. It gets weirder, keep reading…

My friend’s voice was coming through my monitor speakers, which are not used, voice communications is set to output through my Logitech wireless headset and game sounds from my external speaker system.

I did briefly try to play offline but really couldn’t get into it because I was unable to reconfigure the controls when using the Xbox controller driver. I was using a PS3 controller, using a driver that made Windows believe that it was an Xbox controller. It’s not a driver issue as I have no issue reconfiguring the controls in other Steam games such as Dirt Rally. Not everyone likes the same control method, adding the ability to redefine controls seems like something that should be standardized across all games.

And, of course, me being the person I am, instead of just accepting that the game is broken, I minimized the game, while I did some online research, looking for a workaround to these issues, which there were none. But because the game was still active, I amassed three hours of ‘play’ time. Which means that I am stuck with this terrible game as Steam will not grant refunds for games with a play time of over two hours.

I explained why I was requesting a refund; as I consider the game to be defective, but the person reviewing my refund request ignored my words and denied the refund based on time played. My advice is, watch your ‘play’ time, which includes minimized time and menu time, and make your decision on the game quickly to get your money refunded, especially in this time of games being released incomplete.

I literally cannot even give this POS game to someone who might appreciate it, I have uninstalled the game and my only option is to permanently delete the game from my account, which means I literally paid $36 for nothing. One silver lining is that my friend managed to get a refund as he had ‘played’ only 1.75 hours, I would have felt kinda guilty as I requested that he buy the game to play together online.

Looking at the mostly negative recent reviews on Steam, and mixed overall rating, 54% negative. clearly, I am not the only one massively dissatisfied with WWE 2K18. Every year we see one of these WWE games released, clearly as a cash cow, because they know that the ‘WWE Universe’ will buy it regardless of the minimal changes from the previous incarnation. And it seems every year, the game gets a little bit worse.

Newegg Shows It’s True Colors In Connecticut Sales Tax Furore

Newegg, Not Sales Tax Free

Pre-2014, I used to buy my tech from Newegg quite frequently, but stopped buying from the company in 2014, no-idea why, I just started shopping at Amazon and never looked back. And, I am so happy that I did, given the current anger at Newegg in regard to handing over customer details of people living in Connecticut, now Newegg shoppers from CT are being hit by a sales tax bill for 2014, 2015 and 2016.

To be clear, if you buy out of state and don’t pay sales tax, you need to declare the value of items you did not pay sales tax in your tax filings and pay any owed taxes. That said, I would guess the majority of people either think that tax is included or assumed that because it was bought out of state, it’s sales tax free. I fall into the former category, I come from a country where sales tax is always included in the price.

Newegg could have easily fixed this, by charging sales tax on all items sold on their website in future, but they refused to do that, instead giving the state of Connecticut details of all sales to CT residents from the tax years 2014 – 2016. This was based upon a letter from the state of CT, not a subpoena or legal document, selling their Connecticut customers down the river, this is why customers are so pissed.

Now, the precedent has been set, you can bet your bottom dollar that other states will follow suit, including the state of Kansas, where I currently reside. Thankfully, I stopped buying from Newegg prior to 2014, so I should not be affected by this, unless, of course, Kansas requests details of sales from before the 2014 tax year, I don’t know if there is a statute of limitation on back sales tax?

It would be so simple to fix this; we need a federal regulation that mandates that companies selling to US customers have to charge sales tax at the rate of the state or city of the delivery address. It will raise the overall price at the time of sale, obviously, but that’s better than spending, say $2,500 ex sales tax, and paying back sales tax of $187.50 years later, this would be an example of Kansas, which has a 7.5% tax.

I hope that Newegg customers decide to shop elsewhere as the company has sent a clear message that they don’t care about their customers, giving away your private information without any legal requirement instead of either fighting the information request or simply charge sales tax going forward.

Wrecked II: The Useless Wichita Police Chronicles!

Ford Fusion Accident Damage 2/21/2018

A little over 2 months ago, I wrote about the negative experience we had with the Wichita Police Department after a wreck my wife was involved in. This morning at roughly 7:40am, my wife, this time driving my car, got involved in another wreck, unlike, last time I don’t believe the car is safe to drive.

While driving my son to school on E 27th St N, a red Buick Regal came sliding out from N Estelle St, which is a side street terminating in a T-intersection, directly in front as my wife as she was approaching the side road. Icy conditions meant my wife, son and car were heading directly to the scene of the accident.

The driver of the Buick called 911 and was told that they would not dispatch an officer to the scene as it was a non-injury accident. Instead we were directed to the Wichita Police website to file a report online. I go to the website, only to find that I can only submit a report if the damage is less than $1,000.

I can see the damage will be closer to $3,000 in my estimation, so I called the Wichita North Police Patrol. They tell me the same thing, before insisting that I visit the North patrol station, I tell them that is not possible as I don’t consider the car safe to drive and I did not want to get a citation for having an unsafe vehicle on the road, so the woman at North patrol refers me back to 911 to dispatch an officer.

So, I call 911, the dispatcher tells me to call my local patrol station, I explain to the dispatcher, several times that I have already done this. So, the dispatcher then gets the North patrol on a conference call, the person at the North patrol explains that I could not report the accident over the phone or online due to the value of the damage. The dispatcher then finally puts out a call for an officer to attend the scene.

Meanwhile, I get my car back to my home, as the wreck happened 500 feet down the road. This is how I knew the car wasn’t safe to drive. I then get a call from an officer, who point blank tells me that he was not going to attend, what would now be my home, as both cars had been moved from the accident location. At this time, I am fuming as clearly 911 and Wichita police have no clue of each other’s policies.

I had already wasted several hours with the chocolate teapots at Wichita Police and 911 dispatch. I, now move onto calling the Buick driver’s insurance company, as our perception is that it was his fault, and on the scene, he verbally accepted liability. So, I’m thinking it will be nice and simple, but of course, that is not the case, his insurance company, American Family are claiming that my wife should have yielded.

Unfortunately, Kansas law is vague on right of way at intersections, it states “When two vehicles enter an intersection from different roadways at approximately the same time the driver on the left shall yield the right-of-way to the vehicle on the right.“, so they might have a case for claiming we are liable. This rule is clearly designed for a four-way intersection, not a T-intersection, I will go to court to argue this if needed.

I talked to Progressive and their adjuster believes that we had the right of way as we had the thru road and the Buick driver’s road was terminating. To expedite the repair, I am going to claim on my insurance, so my car is not sitting idle for weeks on end while insurance companies argue back and forth. If we can prove the Buick driver is liable, Progressive will get reimbursed and I will get my $500 deductible back.

I had my car towed to Rusty Eck Ford at midday, thankfully, I have AAA, so the tow was free, for an estimate on the damage, and my insurance, Progressive have preliminarily agreed to pay for the repair, if the damage does not exceed the value of the car, minus the $500 deductible that I will have to pay.

And the final insult from Wichita Police, when my wife finally managed to get to the Wichita North patrol station, after picking up and dropping off my kids, the community station was f**king closed.

To say, that I am not happy is an understatement, I have calmed down a lot since this morning. But this is costing us money as my wife had to leave work 3 1/2 hours early as we were down to one car and someone had to pick up the kids from school. You want to know the irony of this situation, tomorrow, because of the weather, school has been canceled, I wish it was canceled today instead.

The morale of the story, instead of trying to avoid a collision, keep your foot in and make sure it’s an injury accident as Wichita police will not attend the scene unless someone is injured, GREAT MESSAGE WICHITA POLICE! Just like our legislature, the Wichita police are as do nothing as state and national politicians, unless it’s shooting an unarmed man on his doorstep in response to a fake ‘swatting’ call.

UPDATE [Feb, 22 2018, 18:45]: I just got a call from Progressive and the news is that the repair cost will be $6,100, they have to replace the majority of the front end of my car. Just as well the airbags didn’t deploy, that would have been game over. I will have to pay $500 for the deductible, which hopefully I will get back once the other driver is deemed to be at fault, my insurance company, Progressive will be fighting corner, and theirs, as they’d obviously like to get American Family Insurance to reimburse them.

UPDATE [Mar, 5 2018, 10:27]: I received my car back from Rusty Eck Ford Collision Center today and it’s back to being good as new, they did an excellent job of putting my car back together again. There was one issue, the passenger side marker bulb had burnt out, so I dropped by Rusty Eck on my way home and they had the issue resolved in five minutes, great service, quality work and approachable friendly people, I would definitely recommend using Rusty Eck Collision Center if you need some body work done.

Florida School Shooting! The 18th School Shooting Of 2018!

Stoneman Douglas High School Shooting

This Thursday morning I find myself saddened and angry that 17 people have lost their lives and 14 more injured by flying bullets, in what is, the 18th school shooting of 2018, that’s a shooting every 2 1/2 days, why are we just accepting this as normal in America? I, for one, refuse to accept this is normal.

We can predict what our elected officials in Washington DC will say, first of all, they will offer their thoughts and prayers, to which, I say, your thoughts and prayers mean nothing when you have the power to enact change in gun regulation and implement better mental health services at a federal level. We know that Republicans will point the finger at mental illness while ignoring the issue of assault rifles.

We keep on hearing about President Trump’s agenda to build a wall on the Mexican border to “keep us safe” from those dangerous immigrants, yet our government cannot guarantee our children’s safety in their local neighborhood school. The shooter was a white American, who had published multiple posts on social media and even a YouTube video saying he wanted to be a professional school shooter.

The issue here is not the shooter, I don’t want to glorify him in any way, I will not name him or link to any of his social media or videos. The issue is military style assault rifles being legal, did you know, in Florida, a person cannot buy a handgun until the age of 21, but it is perfectly legal for an 18 year old to go into a licensed gun dealer and purchase an AR-15 assault rifle and multiple ammunition clips.

Limited capacity handguns or single action rifles I can see as being necessary for hunting or personal protection, but there is zero logical reason for military style assault rifles to be sold to the general public. What possible reason is there for someone to own a rifle with a 30 bullet clip, which can be easily switched out for another to rapidly fire another 30 bullets. This is made worse, by the legal existence of bump stocks, that effectively turns a semi automatic rifle, such as the AR-15 into a fully automatic one.

I firmly believe that the United States government is complicit in every death that occurs due to firearms in the US. The Republicans and some Democrats in congress have refused to even debate and take a vote on commonsense gun regulation. They talk about mental health support, but do very little to actually help people with mental health problems, hell, Donald Trump repealed former president Barack Obama’s laws to keep guns out of the hands of people with mental illness, Washington is in the pocket of the NRA.

Don’t believe me? check out, you can see how much the National Rifle Association has spent in direct campaign contributions to congresspeople and senators and lobbying congress.

I originate from a country where guns have been banned for decades, due to a single school shooting. I understand that is not viable in the United States, the second amendment is so ingrained into the US consciousness, the people would revolt if a total ban was implemented. But, we need commonsense gun regulation, which is supported by the majority of Americans. Banning assault rifles like the AR-15 would be a start, keeping guns out of the hands of people who should not have them is paramount.

Do I believe that anything good will come out of this tragedy? No, there will be a lot of lip service in the coming days, then over the course of the next few weeks, the media will stop talking about it and people forget and nothing will be done until the next major school shooting. It’s the same bullshit that happens time and time again, it happened after Columbine, it happened after Sandy Hook, no action is ever taken, as I said, Republicans in congress have refused to debate and vote on commonsense gun regulation.

Finally, there’s been outrage on social media; I heard everything from if you followed God’s ‘family values’ law, this situation would not happen, WRONG, same sex marriage did not cause this. And the other old chestnut, if there was a good guy with a gun, s/he could have stopped this situation, yes, in rare cases, someone trained in firearms may have taken out the shooter before entering the school, but someone untrained could cause more deaths, despite the NRA propaganda, more guns is never the answer.

Update [Feb, 17 2018, 14:33]: The right wing media outlet, Washington Post, published an article titled “No, there haven’t been 18 school shootings in 2018. That number is flat wrong.“, which suggests that only five of the 18 ‘school shootings’ were actual school shootings. I’m not going to get into the technicalities of what is, or what isn’t a school shooting, bottom line, five is too many, one is too many. We should expect our children to be safe at school, we should not fear when we drop our kids off at school, it might be the last time we see them alive. The USA is the only country where this is a thought.

In addition, the pro-gun, pro-life lobby has tried to minimize the 17 lives lost by claiming that Planned Parenthood kills one baby every 90 seconds. Regardless of your belief on what constitutes life, these are despicable people trying to deflect attention away from this tragedy, which will have far reaching consequences for those involved. The community of Parkland, FL will be forever traumatized by this.