Time To Catch-up!

Well, its seems that I have 4 days worth of events to catch up on, Friday was a great night, it was a friends birthday bash, I drank far too much again, even got up to sing with one of the bands of my own free will, which is really not like me at all, I eventually managed to get home at 3am, after a lock-in at the pub, and had the hangover in the morning to prove it, but it was a great night, so the pain was worth it. Saturday was a slow day for me, recovering from the night before, but at least it was good news on the sports front, with Plymouth Argyle managing a 1 – 1 draw away at Luton, and with QPR only managing a 2 – 2 draw away at Wycombe and Bristol City losing 2 – 0 at home to Oldham, that leaves the Pilgrims 7 points clear of QPR at the top of the table, with Bristol a further 2 points behind. In rugby, England has resumed normal service beating Wales 31 – 21 at Twickenham after the glitch against the Irish 2 weeks ago. And today, in F1, Jenson Button has finally managed to take his first podium race finish, stepping onto the third step, also David Couthard managed to finish the race in 6th position, another valuable points finish for him, but really needs a better car under him. So what next for Jenson Button, maybe a win this season? To take a quote from the great, Murray Walker, “anything can happen and it usually does”. I have also agreed to create another website for local band, Salt In Open Wounds, I have just finished a website for S.L.O.T, and my old friend, Phoenix Hater has decided to channel his frustrations against my Phoenix Live site now, apparently I couldn’t review a carpet, let alone a band! but plenty of others disagree with him.

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