Best do an update then…

Nothing too interesting has happened over the last few days, hence the lack of updates, but a few things of note has happened, firstly, I have decided to restart Phoenix Live, but make other people do the work for me, so I can just go to the gigs I want to cover. Exact specifications of the site are unknown at the moment. I was supposed to start working on it Wednesday, but got slightly sidetracked by this amazingly addictive Flash game. On Thursday night I decided to go out and get drunk again, this time with some members of local band Schiztome, and now am suffering the consequences! really should know better, but I always say that, so just ignore me.

All you Formula One fans will know that it’s the British GP this weekend, and our hopes for a British win this season rest with Jenson Button, although David Couthard could be in with a shout as the McLaren is much improved, but I am not sure how good it is compared to the BAR’s and Ferraris. Guess we shall have to wait and see, but I would love to see Jenson take his maiden win at his home grand prix.

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