The Revolving Door…

Seems that my flat has a revolving door system in operation, firstly Adam, who has taken an enforced holiday has gone, then Tomas came over for a week, and now, just when I thought it was safe to lay naked on the sofa (*oops, didn’t mean to say that out loud*) someone else wants to stay for a while. This time it’s a good mate of mine, who is having some relationship difficulties and needs somewhere to stay for a little while, and I couldn’t turn him away, as I know he would do the same for me, if the time came, so anyone else that wants to stay, form an orderly queue outside.

In Formula One, Jenson Button had the drive of his life to grab second spot in the German Grand Prix after qualifying in 3rd only to be demoted 10 places to 13th for changing an engine. Who knows where he could have been if he started in 3rd position on the grid, a maiden win maybe? It was a reasonably good weekend for the Brits as David Couthard finished in 4th position behind Fernando Alonso in 3rd position, although at one stage, Alonso had some car problems and DC almost grabbed his first podium for some time. Of course, no-one could stop the onward march of Michael Schumacher to the drivers championship, infact, the only drivers that can catch him is Jenson Button and Ferrari team-mate Rubens Barrichello, and that is unlikely as Schumacher would have to finish outside of the points in most of the remaining races for Jenson to win, and Ferrari are not going to let Barrichello take the race to Schumacher are they?

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