Well, in Formula 1, the big meeting between Jenson Button and David Richards, BAR team principle took place earlier today. And what I have determined is that Jenson has allowed his success this year go to his head, and now comes across as arrogant, saying “I have worked hard and contributed seven podiums and 61 of the team’s 76 points this season.” But what he failed to mention is the BAR teams support of him and their contribution to creating a competitive car. I can accept that Jenson has contributed a lot towards the development of the car, but so has second driver Takuma Sato and test driver Anthony Davidson, but he makes it sound like he single handed built the team up to where it is, which is simply not true! A driver needs to be confident in his abilities, but he has gone beyond that into arrogance-land, even Michael Schumacher recognises that the team around him are also vital to his success. I think that it’s the same general problem as everywhere else in mainstream sports, the competitors are paid stupid amounts of money and they develop a big head because of the size of their wage packet, sports is all about money these days and nothing to do with the sport itself! Cap all sportsmen and sportswomen’s wages to £25,000 per month, and get back to the spirit of the sport, as it used to be years ago!

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