A step closer to Linux!

I just tried to update my copy of Windows, which I know to be a little on the ‘not quite legal’ side using Windows Update. Which would normally be fairly hassle free, but on this occasion, it installed some Active X crap onto my system, I followed all the onscreen prompts until I get to the available updates page; but instead I get “To get updates, you must first validate your Windows software” – Which means that there will be hundreds of thousands of vulnerable computers on the net, which will allow propagation of virus and hack attacks. Just what is Microsoft playing at? They know that there are plenty of people out there using less than legit copies of Windows, same as Macromedia and Adobe know that their software is being pirated and distributed, but they all make enough money to not worry about it, all this is going to do is drive people away from Windows and Microsoft, especially with Linux becoming more and more Windows-like, especially the Red Hat and Mandrake versions of Linux. The only stumbling block is the fact that hardly any development companies write for the Linux platform as it’s not considered profitable. The only reason Linux is a minority operating system is because of the fact that 99% of all new PC’s come with Windows installed. Maybe if Microsoft sold its Windows operating system for a more reasonable price, say £30 – £40 [which is inline with boxed copies of Linux] I would go out a buy a legit copy, but instead they charge £250+ for Windows XP Professional, which is my current Operating System!

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